The Amygdaloids are a New York City band made up of scientists who shed their scientific garb at night and take to the stage with songs about love and life peppered with insights drawn from research about mind and brain and mental disorders.

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The making of 'All in Our Minds'-- a new EP by The Amygdaloids (Video)

Map of Your Mind” (video) - the featured‘single’ of The Amygdaloids’ EP, ‘All in Our Minds (Jan 27, 2012).

"All in Our Minds" EP Release Party (video)

The Beautiful Brain by Joseph LeDoux

I Got a Mind to Tell You by Joseph LeDoux


Welcome to “I Got a Mind to Tell You”

I Got a Mind to Tell You” is a new blog by Joe. The goal is cut through the hype and provide straight talk about the brain. These days, there’s way too much unconstrained speculation that masquerades as fact. Dopamine in not the chemical of pleasure. Serotonin does not make your sad. Mental problems are not simply due to chemical imbalances. The right hemisphere is not the seat of creativity. The amygdala is not the wellspring of fear.

Anxious (the CD) by The Amygdaloids – Upcoming Album Release on July 14 !

On July 14, Anxious the book and Anxious the CD will launch. The book offers a new view of fear, anxiety and other emotions, and how problems with fear anxiety can be more effectively treated. The CD explores some of the same psychological themes of the book, but through music.  The CD was recorded at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig (Eric Ambel, producer, Mario Viele , engineer). Cover art by Colin Webber at Viking and CD Design by Amanda Thorpe. Purchasers of the book receive a free download of the music (download code in the Preface).

In anticipation, Dr. LeDoux will be releasing the songs on his Facebook, one per day, starting this Wednesday (July 8). Join this event to stream the songs as they come!


NeuroRock with The Amygdaloids

June 22, 2015 – SciArt Center presented “An evening of neuroscience and music with The Amygdaloids” at Cornelia Street Cafe .

An evening of neuroscience-minded music with The Amygdaloids, a rock band headed by neuroscientist and emotion expert Joe LeDoux of NYU. The night  featured the acoustic version of The Amygdaloids (AKA So We Are), duo Joe LeDoux and Colin Dempsey. Following the music was a panel discussion on the art and science of music and the brain. <Photos from the event> <Highlights of the music from the show>

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Anxious the Book &CD – July 14!

Anxious:Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety
Anxious the book and CD are born today - July 14th, 2015

Anxious the Book and the CD on Facebook and Twittter now !