Theory of My Mind (June, 2010)

A limited number of copies of Theory of My Mind autographed by Rosanne Cash and Joe LeDoux (Rosanne sings two songs with Joe on this record)

Theory of My Mind‘ Lyrics

1. Mind Over Matter – J. LeDoux (PDF).

2. Fearing – J. LeDoux (based on Emily Dickinson) (PDF).

3. Crime of Passion – J. LeDoux (PDF)

4. Glue – J. LeDoux (PDF)

5. How Free Is Your Will – J. LeDoux (PDF)

6. Theory of My Mind – J. LeDoux (PDF)

7. The Automatic Mind – T. Volk (PDF)

8. The Mist of a Memory – J. LeDoux (PDF)

9. Brainstorm – J. LeDoux (PDF).

10.Piece of My Mind – J. LeDoux (PDF)

11.Imaginate – J. LeDoux (PDF)

12. Your Dreams – J. LeDoux PDF

Science behind the songs:

Mind Over Matter (July 1, 2010)
Glue (July 8,2010)
How Free is Your Will” (July 15, 2010)
Crime of Passion (July 23, 2010)
Brainstorm (Oct.8, 2010)